AaB Creates launched in 2003 with the belief that special moments should be celebrated with unforgettable style.  Your celebration should feel like it could only have been hosted by or for you.  Our job is to translate your personality, taste and style into an experience that will live in the memory of everyone who attended- including you!

Kait Rovnyak 

Image: Dave Robbins

Image: Dave Robbins

Lead Event Planner/Master of Ceremonies and Celebrations:  As social chair of her sorority, Sigma Kappa, Kait always knew she had a knack for party planning. After graduating with her B.A. in Anthropology from SUNY Geneseo she made it her mission to combine her love of a good party with her love of doing good in the world.  

Before joining AaB Creates, Kait worked in Events & Marketing for the Jane Goodall Institute, Solar Energy Industries Association & Promise Project. There she learned to be the master of all things related to non-profit fundraising and keeping a budget in check.

At AaB Creates, Kait oversees all of the planning & organization for our weddings and events. Kait specializes in staying calm in stressful situations, and is always up for a new planning challenge! 

Hometown:  Bay Shore, NY

Favorite Rapper: Kendrick Lamar

Favorite Book: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Favorite Place: Kismet Beach or Montauk (it’s a tie)

Comfort Food: New York Bagels

Quote of the Moment:  “Que Sera, Sera”


Xochitl Gonzalez

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Xochitl (So-cheel) is the Chief of Making Things Pretty here at AaB.   Xochitl has a BA in Fine Art and Art History from Brown University, where she also became an experienced stitcher, crafter and builder working on costumes and sets for the University's various theater programs.

With nearly 15 years in the world of weddings and events, Xochitl has been featured a featured expert on TLC, HuffPost Live and Access Hollywood and has written for The Huffington Post Weddings, About.com and Real Simple. She is the featured wedding expert in Brooklyn Bride's Weddings in Color book and the forthcoming Stone Fox Bride book of weddings.

At AaB, Xochitl oversees the aesthetics of our events, and works with select wedding clients each year to create completely custom event designs . She currently serves on the Brown University President's Leadership Council and is on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Cool Culture, a non-profit that provides arts accessibility to over 50,000 of NYC’s underprivileged families via free museum passes and arts education.  

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Rapper: Ghostface

Favorite Book: Madame Bovary

Favorite Artist: Hiroshige

Favorite Place: A Flea Market, anywhere.

Comfort Food: Pasta any style with a side of Montepulciano

Quote of the Moment:  "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. "

Mayra Castillo

Image: Chris Franko

Image: Chris Franko

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Mayra is the Wizard of Making Things Happen.   A Brown University graduate who majored in American History,  and has a personal quest to visit every Presidential home.

Though her early career involved non-profits, she eventually began working as an event producer for The Clio Awards. Though she might deny it, the original concept of Aa B originated from her brain.

To our clients, Mayra is the logistical and budgetary mastermind who is rarely seen and who is more rarely heard. But behind the scenes, Mayra is the mastermind behind all the most complex load ins, contract negotiations and budgetary miracles that have helped make our clients events’ special.

Additionally, Mayra oversees our extensive vendor network as well as operations for our sister company, Just About Married.

Hometown:  Kettleman City, California.

Favorite Rapper: Tupac. (Note the California)

Favorite President:  JFK

Favorite Book: 100 Years of Solitude

Favorite Movie: Any and all kinds of documentaries.

Favorite Place: A historical museum.

Comfort Food: Everything tastes better in a taco.

Quote of the Moment:

"Do you, Boo."

-Sharon Ingram



Our Mission & Values:

Mission- Since our inception 13 years ago, we are proud to say that this mission has rarely changed, because we are still committed to what made us launch this business in the first place.  We are devoted to creating awesome events: those that are not just beautiful, but fun, warm, delicious, great parties to be attending. Our mission is to guide clients to choices better and more unique from what they could have created on their own.  We aim to guide our clients away from the “rules” of event hosting when those rules don’t apply, to walk them towards the traditions that will speak to and enhance their celebration. 

Our Values.  We maintain a commitment to:

  • Understand our clients’ unique needs.
  • Fulfilling our clients’ goals for their celebration.
  • Use our expertise in the field to elevate our client’s celebrations.
  • Functional design that is as comfortable as it is stunning.
  • Continual knowledge of cutting edge trends.
  • Creating solutions where none currently exist and presenting clients with creative, relevant ideas.
  • Working with Vendors of the same commitment level and integrity as ourselves.


Our Services:   

We offer totally comprehensive, one stop shop, Full Event Planning and Production Services for social events, weddings, corporate and non-profit galas.  For all of our events, we offer Decor services, such as creating an over-all mood board for your event, selecting rentals, directing floral design, etc.  For clients seeking more couture decor solutions, we also offer full Design services.  We offer these services separately or in tandem.  We love to roll up our sleeves and take on big, soup to nuts tasks with our team!  We do not offer partial planning services, but we do offer Month-of Coordination through our sister company, Just About Married.